Call Tracking That Optimizes Your Marketing

For paving and excavating companies, developing a way to track performance can streamline any marketing campaign. Discovering and managing what works and what doesn’t eliminates the campaigns that aren’t effective and highlights the ones that are effective. Call tracking and lead tracking are an amazing way to determine where to go next with a marketing strategy.

Using every tool possible can give a paving and excavating company an edge when trying to reach a target audience. Whether it’s email campaigns, fresh content, call tracking, or pay-per-click ads, there’s never been a better way to promote, brand, and advance your business.

Why Call Tracking Works

Why Call Tracking Works

Simply put, call tracking is the process of figuring out how a potential customer found your business. Call tracking uses numerous phone numbers that are automatically forwarded to your main business phone number. Marketers are able to track which phone number, or channel, the call came through. This allows marketers to connect leads and conversions back to a specific marketing campaign.

Paving companies want to increase overall web traffic that can eventually lead to sales, and call tracking can help determine how an end user found you. Whether it is through a social media platform or a particular telephone number, knowing how and when someone found your business is key to retaining or acquiring new business.

Call Tracking Does Not Harm Your SEO

It’s actually the opposite. Call tracking and SEO work together and these two techniques have become stronger over the past several years, and these two work together, now better than ever. There was once a rumor that gained traction that claimed call tracking hurt SEO, but that just isn’t the case.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Calling Tracking

With call tracking, you can monitor how well your marketing systems are performing and which needs improvement. It’s not hard to track, and tracking can help determine which marketing systems work and which don’t.

Organic search engine traffic

You’ll be able to determine which landing pages are generating calls to your business.

Pay per click campaigns

You can see which keywords work best.

Digital advertising campaigns

By using a different telephone number on each ad you run, it’s possible to see which display adverts perform best, too. Alongside this data collation, you’ll be able to listen in on calls, providing you with real insight into your company’s customer service. This will highlight improvements that your sales team can make when handling inbound calls.

Tracking Telephone Leads Can Save You Money

The information you collect from tracking calls is only helpful if you’re actually using it to make sound marketing decisions. Call tracking allows you to collect data that could turn into potential leads, and if you know exactly where conversions originated, you can accurately measure your return on investment, and ultimately this is going to help streamline your budget.

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