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Ranking high in Google searches is extremely beneficial to any business, especially for paving and excavating companies. Most customers use the internet over any other medium for answers to their paving queries, and we use every tool at our disposal to help your site rank better. Also, using email journeys and social media can bring more visibility to your website and your business.

With so many paving and excavating companies around, having a marketing strategy to stand out above the competition makes sense, and Brandhawk can get you where you want to be by using every possible method.

Here's How We Can Help With a Solid Internet Marketing System

Here's How We Can Help With a Solid Internet Marketing System

SEO- Friendly Website


One of the most important tools in the SEO process is a relevant website with fresh content. Everything starts with your website, and if you get your website wrong it will be nearly impossible for everything else to fall into place.

With the popularity of mobile phones, most people are searching for information on the web, and making your website user-friendly for mobile devices is another important step that will help your company’s online presence.

Local SEO Campaign


Local SEO is the practice of optimizing a company’s online visibility in localized search engine results. A local SEO campaign is a journey and not a destination. SEO success does not occur overnight and takes time to start growing. It’s a lot like being a farmer. You prepare the ground and plant the seeds, constantly nurturing your crops, before you start to see results.

Local SEO increases search visibility for businesses that serve their local communities, and being listed on Google maps is one of the best leads for your company. The main goal is to rank locally and regionally instead of just around your company’s location.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay Per Click is an online advertising model that targets specific searchers, driving them to a particular website. The definition is in the name. Pay-per-click advertisers are charged when an ad is clicked on by a searcher. At Brandhawk, we are a certified Google partner, and we know how to strategically place your advertisements to ensure you are being seen by the right people.

Retargeting Campaign


Internet search engines collect data each time you search for something online, and those queries can follow you around. If someone searches for “paving and excavating,” they will often see targeted ads for those specific queries on social media.

Retargeting is an SEO-targeted process that creates advertising based on a user’s past interactions with that company or item. This can give you multiple opportunities for searchers to see your company or product.

Call Tracking


Call tracking is a process where online marketing companies can assign different phone numbers to separate marketing channels, allowing them to track the sources of incoming calls.

Numerous companies around the world use call tracking to measure the success of pay-per-click campaigns, SEO systems, and retargeting. It is imperative to understand the basics of call tracking to appreciate the importance of how it works hand in hand with SEO.

Online Reviews


An outstanding review from a happy customer is way more important than one might think. “Word of mouth” is quickly becoming a thing of the past, and most people check a company’s website to see what their customers are saying about them – good or bad. Word of mouth will never completely go away, but checking websites for customer reviews is becoming an industry standard.

Some potential end users go straight to the “reviews” section of a website before even looking at the actual site. With one bad review, your star rating can plummet, but numerous positive reviews can elevate that rating.

Social Media Management

Nearly everyone is on social media these days. Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, customers are going to check out your social media more often than not. We’ve figured out a social media strategy that merges advertisements and social media posts to engage your potential audience.

Email Marketing

Email journeys, or customer journeys, can be a huge marketing campaign for your business. Most customers give their email address during an early query into the business. A good SEO company can use that email address to communicate with the customer through email journeys, which are a series of email communications that explain why the customer needs a product or service. A solid email list is a marketing asset with a direct line to the potential or current end user.

Now It's Time To
Give Us A Call

Now It's Time To Give Us A Call

Brandhawk is an industry leader in digital marketing, and we have painstakingly researched the industry, turning our knowledge into expertise. We use every tool imaginable to turn your web presence into a lead-generation machine, which is what digital marketing is all about.

As a paving and excavating business, you must focus on current clients as well as potential clients, and we know exactly how to market your business to gain more potential end users.

If you are on this website, it’s obvious that you don’t have an internet marketing strategy or aren’t getting what you need from your current


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